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    Oct 2009 Video Podcast of "Plume" the show at Hatch Gallery

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  • Review: Artweek Dec 2007

    'Don't Try this at Home' at Intersection for the Arts
    -Lindsey Westbrook (excerpt)

    Shades of David Ireland prevade this exhibition devoted to "obsessively reshaping the ordinary,"...
    Stephani Martinez contributes two beautiful, intricate installations: Meander, a twisting, turning line of multicolored buttons and thread applied to the gallery wall, it's loose strands wafting gently in the breeze, it's tracks recalling the graceful, erratic path of a flying insect, and Doily Cakes, an arrangement of plaster hardened doilies that resembles a coral formation or a colony of sea anemones. Martinez didn't make the doilies herself, but they do allude to hours of handwork and the idea of doing things the old-fashioned way (thus echoing some of Ireland's fundamental premises.)